The 67 swb c-10 shop truck

ok i am building a 67 swb shop truck that im trying to find a 5 lug rear end because i got the 5 lug spindles and upper and lower control arms off a 73 chevy truck so ill have disk brakes but the old 6 lug rear i also have the rear under the 73 but it has leaf springs but is 5 lug

i want this truck to be fun and ride great i might just change the axles but ive been told the carries are differnt so would i have to change it all?

I will put this in my own words. You are asking what would be better/easier, to go with leaf springs or the coil suspension in the rear of your swb (short wheel base) 67. When you write “carries” do you mean axel housings? I have seen 12 bolt housings set up for coils re-worked to be used with leaves,not so much work.

I had a 65 GMC until recently and I never regreted that that truck had leaves in the rear, it was a real work truck, the coils do ride better though.

well i guess im wondering if you can put the leaf springs and pirches under the 67 chevy c-10 with just bolting it up since i know some of the old trucks came with leafs

and is there really any differance between the carriers for a 5 lug 12 bolt truck rear end and a 6 lug truck rear end?

and who makes a great locker or limited slip for this rear thats very durable because this will be a daily driver?