67 chevrolet c10 454


67 chevrolet c10 454, i found this truck in a junkyard and started restoring it at age 13, me and my dad threw in a 454 we had traded a 67 camaro for,(i know dumb trade, but it didnt run and it was rusted out) anyways, my brother has an 04 musang with a turbo, right now hes running 4lbs, he will get to 15lbs though, now im gonna throw a supercharger in my truck, but before i do, do you guys think i can beat him all motor?


How much rubber do you have on the back of your chevy?
I have 255/60/15 on my 67 C-10 with a 350 and a turbo 400 and I can not keep the wheels from spinning.


It’s debateable. See if he will run you from a rolling start, say 10-15 MPH.
I used to have an early Roadrunner and traction was always a deal killer from a dead stop.
From a rolling start, usually the opposition was dead meat.


Not a chance without significant modifications to your suspension and weight balance. The Stang has a modern suspension and is designed to be better at weight transfer and traction. Not to mention better gearing. The truck is, well, 40 years old and will need some serious work to be competitive. You could have a 540 ci huffed motor but unless you can transfer that power to the ground and lose some weight, you’re gonna be sucking exhaust fumes from that Mustang.


Twin is SO right…All that power to a rear wheels of a pickup and all it will do is spin. The vehicle is NOT designed for speed. You’ll have to put some significant weight in the bed to get traction. But that added weight will hurt your overall acceleration.


Cubic inches may not be a determining factor either.
Look at this Ford 2.3.


i just got some new drag radials on it


you guys arent completely getting me, everything pretty much is new suspension, transmission, engine, everything


That’s fine, but you still aren’t going to keep those rear tires hooked up to the road surface without some weight back there.


Cool, what are you really building? Is this a straight up drag racer, a fast street car, a show car? Is your priority to build the fastest/quickest car you can, or is this more for show and bragging rights? Any of those are OK choices, but it will make a difference in the design.


If your thinking of beating a ford with all motor congrats you are a GM man! I myself prefer all motor with no power adder due to the difficulty of the build. If you want to know if you can do just run them and see first before you add that blower. I would probably just in case add 150lbs to the back just to help with traction. Drag radials are nice as long as you can get them to hook. I say take the Ford and whip the track with it! I myself have a nice ride that is all motor, unfortunately I forgot about the rear diff and now am stuck trying to get it on the road again see my post.


its not really supposed to be anything, my dad used to drive it to work and back, i decided it is a nice truck to fix up, so i went and pulled it out of the junkyard, it was just my main car that i hotrodded out


Ranck is right…it’s STILL a pickup. So what the suspension is new…It’s STILL a pickup. They are NOT designed for speed. You’ll need a significant amount of wait back there to get traction from that much power…remember…IT’S STILL A PICKUP.