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The 2119 Titan is out and guess what's next

What do you think of the new model

and then what to you think Nissan was forced to do at the Titan factory?

Those cut backs will be devastating to 3 counties and I wonder just what all is involved with the necessity to drastically cut production

Typically there is one reason: the product is not selling. Once Nissan works off the surplus, maybe they will increase production. That probably won’t happen until the 2020 MY, though, if then. Titans are the least popular of the full sized pickups.

… and with good reason, but–for whatever it’s worth–the radio news report that I heard earlier today stated that the problem was stagnant sales of Nissan’s Frontier pickups.

What’s the good reason? Other than the poor fuel mileage from the gas V8 (shared with Toyota) and the ugly Buick Roadmaster fake chrome porthole on the side…

I actually mentioned to my wife yesterday I’d consider one of these, because they don’t sell all that well, but the gas V8 configuration should be a proven design. The only difference I see between the Titan and the Tundra are looks and price.

I’d consider one if they were discounted. As far as I know, the drivetrain is stout. Looks are…in the eye of the beholder.

A couple of years after it was introduced, Consumer Reports noted that an inordinately high percentage of Titan owners were dissatisfied with their vehicles, with the highest percentage reporting rattles and other unacceptable noises in a brand-new vehicle, that dealerships were unable to resolve.

Hmmm. Ok. Good to know.

I assumed they didn’t sell well because they’re relatively dated (other than facelifts). But the Tundra is also. Both have large displacement (by today’s standards) V8’s, with relatively little (if any) fuel saving gadgetry. Both tend to come with high (numerically) rear gears - unless that’s changed. Which makes both attractive to me, but not so much to most.

The diesel Titan is kind of a truck there’s no real market for. Doesn’t have the capability of a 3/4 ton, but doesn’t offer substantial fuel savings over most 1/2 tons. So I’m unsure what it’s purpose is other than they can say it’s got a Cummins.

The first generation was from 2003 through 2015, so you are correct. Being an old design held back sales since the release of the new generation, IMO.

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I remember it was the latest and greatest when it came out. Then the 2007 Tundra kinda overshadowed it with a little more power and generally because it was a Toyota.

Strange that the domestics offer better gas mileage and newer technology vs the Asian brands, in the truck segment. Sort of a role reversal.

I wonder if it’s due to the needed overall fleet mpg ratings. I’m sure a large portion of Asian brand car sales are relatively good mpg suv’s, sedans, and small cars, with a small percentage of 1/2 ton trucks. Domestic auto sales are probably dominated by 1/2 ton trucks, so those trucks need to get better mileage. Thinking out loud, I may be misguided on how cafe averages work.

Other than the particular color, I think its a pretty good looking new truck for $31K. I prefer driving my own truck that I’ve had for nearly 50 years of course, don’t need all that fancy stuff, but if I were looking to buy a new pickup truck I’d definitely consider that one. Nissans in general from the posts here seems to not be quite as reliability-robust as some of the other manufacturers. Not exactly sure why, but it seems to be the case from the posts we get here.

This may sound controversial to some . . .

I’d recommend your next truck be a full size Ford

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Glad to see someone else can’t sleep!

Why would your recommendation be controversial? And just for curiosity, why Ford?

I’m not really in the market for a while, unless my 2005 gmc dies or I win the lottery, though. Even then, I’ll probably buy slightly used. Half ton truck prices are getting pretty rough.

Because a LOT of people like to bash on Ford trucks

Because our fleet has a lot of trucks, many Fords and GMs, and bigger stuff. And among the ones I have day to day experience with, Ford rates highly in my book

Anyways, among the pickups you’d probably be interested in . . . it seems that Ford simply builds a more robust product, imo.

I don’t mean to sound insulting, but those GMC trucks like the one you have just don’t hold up very well for fleet use, unlike the Fords. Sagging doors, due to pathetically weak door hinges and bushings, tailgate handles and bezels constantly breaking, not a very durable interior design

Another big thing . . . among the gasoline engines, it seems the GM engines seem to have the bigger and pricier problems. We’ve had far more engine mechanical problems on the GM trucks, versus Fords.

Ford’s twin i-beam setup is pretty stout. Seems to last longer, versus GM’s deal with upper and lower arms. GM has a lot more stuff to wear out, and believe me, it does wear out. And quickly, at that

As you can tell, I’m coming at things from a reliability standpoint, not comfort


Gotcha. I owned a 2013 f150 (bought new) for a short time. The 5.0 started knocking when warm around 15k miles. Traded it for my wife’s Toyota suv. She wanted something newer anyway. I liked the truck overall. But that knock didn’t sound great.

If I were getting a newer (2013 and up) truck, I think I’d still prefer a Ford, though over GM. I usually get 4wd’s, so I think I’d be getting upper and lower control arms and ball joints in either Ford or GM.

Hopefully, I’m not in the market for another few years.

In 2008 Nissan was working on a contract with Chrysler to manufacture the full size truck from the Ram 1500 production line, the deal collapsed with the bankruptcy. If that had followed though Nissan would have a different truck today.

The engines in the Titan and and Tundra are unrelated, although the outputs of each are comparable. The Titan is also the most fuel efficient of the gas V8 powered full sized trucks.

With that said, the Titan has a reputation for unreliability and questionable build quality. The diesel 3/4 ton variant is said to be particularly underwhelming.

Wow, you are correct on the fuel mileage. I did not know that. The MPG rating used to be right in line with that of the Tundra, around 2007. I assumed since the engine displacement hasn’t changed, the gas mileage hadn’t changed much either. I wonder what changes they have made to increase the rating by close to 3 mpg combined?

It appears the mpg jump came at the same time of the body redesign. The transmission in the old body style was a 5 speed auto and new body style is listed as an “S7” automatic. Maybe the transmission is the main difference. I do not know what S7 designates. 7 speed, maybe?

The MPG gains likely came from the transmission, a seven speed automatic (which isn’t really that impressive these days as GM and Ford have gone to 8 and 10 speed automatics for their half-ton trucks), and going from port fuel injection to direct injection. I’m sure there were other refinements made along the way like electric power steering, and such.

If you want a good Ford truck, you need to get a SuperDuty

Night and day difference in terms of reliability and ruggedness

Different engines, as well

If you want a 4x4, get a SuperDuty with solid front end . . . it will hold up better over time

By the way . . . I thought in my earlier posts when I mentioned twin i-beams that it was clear I was talking about SuperDuty, not the F-150

Because the F-150 hasn’t used twin i-beam in decades, whereas the SuperDuty still uses it

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I thought you were just really old.


Does the f250 4wd still have a solid front axle?

Last truck I owned with a solid front axle was a 98 Dodge 1500. Great truck. Not so great transmission. Or dashboard (they were notorious for cracking).

as long as we’re talking about a F-250 SuperDuty, and not some light duty F-250 with the oddball 7 bolt rims, then the answer is yes

A few months ago, I think we determined I’m maybe 3 or 4 years older than you, which makes you no spring chicken yourself :chicken:

can’t say much about any 4x4 Dodge with a solid front axle . . . no experience with those

Speaking of dashboards, none of the SuperDutys in our fleet had cracked dashes

But a few of our older F-150s did have that problem

Oh, to “get back on topic” . . . the guy that picks up old 12V batteries drives a Nissan Titan. Looks like the latest body style, as a matter of fact. I’m not a fan of the looks, though.