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Thanksgiving Puzzler for Car Talk Gearheads

I “borrowed” this from one of my local newspaper puzzles.

Scene: Inside an auto repair shop, car coming down from lift.

Mechanic: Ok, your car is all ready to go sir, here’s the bill.

Customer: Oh my! This much? Just for fixing the suspension?

Complete this sentence: After seeing the bill from the mechanic, the customer was _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (7 letter word.)


unhappy . . . ?


Researcher wins the prize! You got that one fast @Researcher!

I went through the litany of spring, A arm, bushing, ball joint, knuckle, tie rod end, etc. Then shock was there – yielding the result.

A sign outside my local Firestone shop: “We will shock, brake, and exhaust you.”

Years ago when Leggs Pantyhose was introduced. You could buy them at many local gas stations.

One Mobil Gas station had a sign - “Leggs Pantyhose only $1.99 - FREE INSTALLATION.”

Runners up for 7 letter words

The customer was


It would have been worse if the customer had transmission trouble. He would have stared at the bill transfixed.

When Bob dropped his toothpaste, he stared at the floor, crestfallen…

Transmission? The customer was … “Shiftless”