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Not sure where to post this butt

So this happened last night a block from my place. I drove back and when I checked it this morning the thing poking into my tire was gone.

I can only presume this thing was some kind of fastener for construction. Does anyone know what it might be? Its white and hexagonal.

Looks like a furniture leg pad. They usually have nails on the side against the tire.

Check that tire’s pressure right now and each day until you can assure yourself there is no leak.

Are you saying the thing in your tire just left the premises on it’s own accord ? Do you live near Area 51 ?

Sounds about right.

As for it gone missing I dunno dude. It might be beneath the rim now I had to move it last night and I lost track of the side it was on.

Also its flat as a flapjack now.

So it clearly went all the way through . . .

I suggest putting on the spare and driving to a reputable shop, where they will either fix or replace the tire

I so want to channel Beavis and Butthead and say something about this thread’s title. But I ain’t gonna do it!

Well aren’t you a nice person? /sarcasm

Sorry, the thread title struck me as funny. I didn’t mean anything personal towards you.

Good luck with the tire. It can probably be patched by the tire store guys.

At this point what the offending object is does not really matter does it. The only question is did it actually puncture the tire.

Obviously it did. All that matters now is getting the tire properly repaired.

You know he can’t talk about that. :wink:


Apologies for any rudeness on my part guys. Its just been a rough and stressful couple of days, and the tire didn’t help much. Big O Tires made things real smooth and I am glad I purchased from them hell they even wished me a better day when I left and I hadn’t even given them any attitude! :smiley:

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