Thanks, Wal-Mart!

This morning, I realized that I was a couple of months overdue for changing my cabin air filter, so I added Wal-Mart to my round of errands. When I got to the appropriate aisle in their automotive department, it turned out that the cross-reference books for filters had been removed–by person or persons unknown.

My first thought was that this might have been a strange attempt at controlling COVID transmission through contact, but then I noticed that the cross-reference books for batteries were still there. Thinking that someone might have stashed one of those books in the midst of the pile of filters, I searched, but there was no filter reference book to be found, so I had to leave the store without accomplishing my shopping goal.
Thanks for wasting my time and my gasoline, Wal-Mart!

As I walked back to my vehicle, I came extremely close to being hit by a guy who was backing out of his parking space, despite the fact that there was nobody parked in front of him, and there are no tire-stop barriers in that parking lot. What a fitting end to a frustrating experience at Wally World…

On the way home, I stopped at AutoZone, where they did have cross-reference books for filters available. Yes, I undoubtedly paid a few bucks more at AZ than I would have paid at WM, but there is definitely something to be said for properly accommodating one’s customers.


Yeh, Wall-Mart trips are not on my list of favorite destinations.
Parking reasonably far from the entrance, knowing well-ahead what I want and where to find it…
I can tolerate it once a month or less often :slight_smile:

Interesting, because I went to my local Walmart on 21 June, and got an air filter for my daughter’s Outback. They had the book out and it had all the filter choices listed. I needed the book to get a SuperTech filter number. I would have gone to O’Reilly’s down the street or AutoZone next door if Walmart didn’t have what I needed. Sorry for your poor experience.

Today’s visit to Wally World was my first for several months.
It will be many more months before I visit again.

My experience today probably represents very poor local management, but it will also result in a LONG delay before my next visit. On the other hand, I have only good things to say about

Just adds to my resolve to never set foot in a Walmart ( I never have)


I haven’t been inside a WalMart for several months. I go there about once a week and they bring my groceries out and put them in the trunk for me. HyVee does too. Now WM is talking about having outdoor movies. That would be great so my opinion of them has gone up quite a bit these last few months. I think there is only one left in Minnesota. When I do go anywhere for parts though, I always have the number of the item that I need. There are two different air filters for my Pontiac and you have to know which one you need-the book doesn’t help.

I use Walmart once in awhile out of necessity but prefer to shop at locally owned businesses as much as possible.

My dad had a franchise Otasco store in Rogers, AR for awhile when I was young. At the time Sam Walton had two Walmart stores, one in Bentonville and one in Rogers. He may have had a good ole boy image but make no mistake he had some ruthless business practices.

I have lifelong friends who are in NW Arkansas and know quite a bit about the inside practices of Walmart Corp. Talk about cutthroat treatment of vendors is an understatement.

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I don’t want to get off the track but I read about how they treat potential vendors. Making them wait and wait and sitting on fiberglass chairs, etc. Reminds me of a couple interviews I had with lawyers.

One of my relatives worked for a company that wanted to do business with Walmart. As the sales rep, he got that treatment of kept waiting several hours in a small room on a cheap chair. When the Walmart rep finally came in and tried bully tactics my relative stood up and walked out. He strongly advised his superiors not to do business with Walmart as Walmart’s terms to become a vendor would have almost totally precluded keeping their existing customers or taking on other customers. And the production and pricing terms Walmart required were untenable long term. Walmart literally uses up vendors and drives them into bankruptcy in many cases.

To toss a crumb toward making this car related, Sam Walton drove an old beat up pick-up despite being able to afford any new vehicle to be had.

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I have never had a problem at my local Walmart. The employees have always been courteous and helpful. I had the front turning signal bulb burn out on my Sienna. It was a common bulb and both Advance and AutoZone were sold out. I went to Walmart and they had the bulb. It was made by Sylvania and was exactly the original equipment on my Sienna.
I have read how Walmart is abusive to its vendors and I don’t doubt the stories. I am also upset that full time Walmart employees may be eligible for food stamps. This I find disturbing.
I would rather shop locally owned stores but unfortunately these stores are few and far between.


I would’ve looked up the part number online using my phone. For example, for my Corolla it’s Fram part # CF10285. TBH though, I haven’t been in a Walmart in ages, despite the fact that our daughter is a Walmart employee. My big box store of choice is Target.


That’s SOP for a big business. Wal-Mart is not special in that respect. When I worked in a steel mill, I made a couple visits to a GM plant. Our salesman complained about how GM used their size to drive the price down, or gain special treatment that lowered their costs. I heard that Complaint from other service engineers in the strip mill too. Other auto manufacturers behave that way too.

Wal Mart did the same thing here some months back. Removed the reference books. I don’t even check for filters there anymore because even before the reference books were removed they quit carrying air filters for my Lincoln entirely.
And for some odd reason, nobody (WM, AutoZone, O’Reillys, NAPA) carries wiper blades for a 95/96 Camaro but they do have them for 93/94 and 97/02. Even the local Chevy dealer said no dice and they’re all 4th gen cars.

My late wife worked for Wal Mart at one point but she was out of sight in the office handling cash and paperwork. She has said some things about the way Wal Mart treats their vendors and that’s why on average WM manages to undersell everybody. Strong arming their vendors; and their employees.
You can do that when you’re the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Not many options around here. WM, a regional farm and ranch operation, and a few independent grocers is about it.

Walmart has in store wifi. Look it up on your phone. No phone or forgot it? Walk over to electronics and google it on one of a hundred sample laptops tablets phones etc. I’ve done it myself…


I have long had a love/hate relationship with Walmart. Love a lot of their prices, hate going in the store.

My attitude about them has softened since the covid crisis. I am in my 80s, overweight, diabetic and a former smoker. If I get the virys, survival would be unlikely.

I have been getting 95% of our groceries at Walmart since March. They are the only place in our area to offer free shopping and pickup service and you do not need a cellphone or an app. All you have to do is pull up to the pickup area anf pop ypor trunk and hold your order # up to the window They load and close your trunk.

Even before this I devised ways to not go into the store and shop and go through checkout. They only have a $35 minimum to givr you free shipping. They also have ship to store and shop online and pick up in store options. The pickip at ours is just inside the door at the pharmacy end. A Walmart credit card gives yo 5% back on all online purchases. You can get the 5% off instore with a smartphone app, but I don’t have a cell phone so I don’t buy anything in store/

Also with your grocery order you can buy non grocery items. Just don’t try to get things that won’t fit into a grocery cart.

It is a little strange the things they don’t carry in the grocery pickup website. No baking yeast, no whole wheat or whole grain bagels and no sweet potato chips.

I didn’t think of it at the time.
Thank you for that suggestion.

In Walmart’s defense they generally have the best prices but they often remind me of the old saying, “It’s always the cheapest guy who ends up spending the most.”

Last week while doing my oil changes I was looking for a filter for my Chrysler, went online to confirm they had it in the store and once again, after half an hour searching, none on the shelf.
Add that to the joy of dodging the morons who were wearing their face masks as chin guards or not wearing them at all while making silly cell phone calls convinced me that, “This ain’t worth it!”

Maybe the cost is a little more at the local parts store or have to wait a little longer at Rock Auto or another online vendor but my savings in less risk, wasted time and frustration outweighs the illusionary cost “savings”.

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I’m lucky, I’ve only needed to step into a Walmart twice over the past year, and that was just for batteries for my Odyssey

Carolyn will probably bring Thor’s Hammer to this thread soon. But bashing Wal Mart is almost too easy. Not all of them are the same. Out town of 30000 with a large surrounding rural area has a well run Wal Mart with many long term employees . Lets not forget that these people show up to work and some are probably scared that they will contact this terrible Virus and take it home to family members that might be High Risk .
As for the public not wearing masks properly , that is the case in all most every retail store .