Thanks Goodness It's Winter

My 2003 Toyota Highlander is giving me Air Conditioning trouble. From time to time the car will blow hot air while the A/C is on? This used to happen after I had switched to heat for the very few cold days here in South FL. But now it seems to be happening more often and not necessarily when the A/C has been turned off or the HVAC system moved to the heat setting. Is this the beginning of the end of my compressor???

No, not necessarily. There are control circuits and sensors that also affect the operation of your A/C. You should have it checked by an automotive A/C specialist before condemning the compressor.

I had a Toyota truck that had a problem with a relay for the A/C. For some reason, the contacts got corroded and it failed to work. A $10 part fixed the A/C, and didn’t have a repeat in the last 12 years I owned that truck.