2001 toyota highlander a/c light blinking

i bought auction car, a/c just blowing warm air.a/c light blinking. this highlander limited no manual dial.i have checked relay and working fine, the compressor is not spinning no matter what i try need help.

Apply power to the clutch coil and see if it will engauge. It is not uncommon for the coils to fail. I am making the presumption that you have checked the fuses and have power at the relay.

It may be low on Freon, you’ll probably need to get it checked out. I’d pay a professional to do the work.

The blinking light means the control module (yes, even a control module for A/C and heat) has detected a problem. A high-end scanner, like at the dealer, can pull codes and point to a fix. Some are able to dislay codes with a procedure, but you’ll need to find that on a Toyota forum. A simple code scanner cannot pull these codes. I found a similar solution for my Ford on a Ford Explorer forum complete with code definitions. Saved me a lot of money and the fix only cost me $60 and two hours on a Saturday.

The scan tool is unnecessary to pull codes on the a/c control on this car. You very simply turn the car on while holding the recirc & auto buttons. The code will be displayed on the a/c screen. Code 22 is for the lock sensor and most often caused by a failed coil. Post your code if it is something different.

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Hi. My code is 43. Thank you very much for this info!