AC on:HOT air

My 2005 Toyota Highlander has been intermittently blasting otu hot air. Wondering what might be the probable cause?

When does it blast hot air? Could it be related to when you accelerate?

It happens in idle, acelleration, etc. Not a corrlation that I can make.

Does the A/C light blink while the problem is occurring? Toyota has had problems with the A/C relay causing this problem. I believe there is a service bulletin on this. The fix is to replace the relay with a new improved one if it turns out to be the problem.

It could be a lot of different things, many of which would be difficult to diagnose in person. It’s even more difficult over the internet without seeing the car. For example, when my car had those symptoms, it was a short in the wiring harness of the compressor, and a new compressor was necessary. It took my A/C technician more than a week to diagnose the problem. When he couldn’t duplicate the problem at the shop, I had to ask him to commute in my car until he was able to duplicate the problem.

No it does not. Will look into service bulluten. Thanks!

The compressor detail has crossed my mind. Hate to think I would have to have to wait a week for the symptom to be duplicated…yikes. Especially in this heat wave. How expensive was it to replace?

The whole thing, including the compressor, came to about $1,300. Fortunately, I had a motorcycle to ride in the meantime. I paid for it with my Goodyear card and had six months to pay it off interest free.

My 2003 Highlander has been doing the same. Works fine for a while and then stops, seemingly at random. I checked the freon levels today and the low side said 100lbs, WAY too high. Checked the fans because too little air through evaporator core can cause high pressure, they appear to be spinning and pulling air. WHAT ELSE can I check to make sure fans are spinning fast enough???
Today the car overheated sitting still in traffic. I got moving and the gauge went down to an acceptable level and I made it home. Coolant levels are fine, fans are blowing fine. Pressure even with engine OFF is still 100lbs on low side. Started the car again and the AC worked just fine and the temp gauge stayed at acceptable levels…like nothing was wrong. I am quite sure it will fail me again on the road tomorrow, no sense failing while I am safely at home. Any ideas???