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Site/tech question: Where'd a post go?

Edited: never mind. My original question here is invalid. But, anyway: Hello, wonderful Carolyn who so thoughtfully expressed concern for this NYC complexion.

Isn't it nice when questions resolve themselves?

To whom can I address a message to say that you are truly magnificent at this job? And should be given anything you wish by Tom and Ray and whomever else for your people-talent, the good will you spread and tech know-how? These are sincere questions, missy.

Mom? Is that you, hacking the discussion-board accounts of unwitting TV prizewinners? You’ve really increased your tech savvy.

I’m just kidding. Thanks for the kind words. I might ask you for permission to use them as the blurb on my moderation memoirs.

…or your next resume…


Carolyn, I suppose it’s awkward for you to tell me to whom to write to praise you. I’ll find it, and be grammatically correct in the process.

Chase, I’d write a testimonial for Carolyn. For you, too.

OK, OK. The best way to reach my senior lackey is via this link:

Click Virtual Box 3500. You better watch those prepositions and modifiers. Doug is a stickler for these things.

Doug, shmoug. I’ve sent an epistle.

Plymouth voyager, 1996, 117 K, 3.3L. Beautiful car, wonderful history (little to no problems). I love it. Gets as good mileage as more than 75% of the cars on the road (19 city, 22 hwy).

One of these “puzzle” questions: I am having to add 1 qt of oil about every 700 miles. I hadn’t noticed any oil drips on driveway or gnarly exhaust fumes. Car drives wonderfully well and looks almost new!

Finally yesterday got a refrig. carton, cut it so it would fit under car, and voila! Today, two small areas (size of a quarter or so) of drip – but it must be a very slow drip bec. there was little diffusion of the oil spread.

Oil drips are under the car, about 2 feet in from the driver’s the side and 2 ft. in from the front. (Sorry, that’s the best I can do. I don’t know anything about cars except to baby them). Might this be an oil seal, a hose something?

Best guess???
Little old lady from Pasadena (not really from Pasadena but old)

Is this an uh-oh moment?

Um, Nancy, I think your entire post was having its own uh-oh moment. This thread isn’t the place you’ll get your answer, as it isn’t about repairs and, at this point, it’s unlikely that the only poster here who knows about cars, he of the fewest words, will be back. Open a new question under the discussion heading, “Repairs and Maintenance” by copying your post into it. Give it a clear title, perhaps “Dripping oil, but from where?” so that those who may know something will stop by.

Good luck in getting the problem identified and cured

Nancy; so it is essentially in the middle of the engine bay? One should put the car up and look, these leaks sometimes track over a crossbar and show on a different spot on the ground. My wild guess is the front seal. But at that age and being it is a Chrysler, you probably have a lot of leakage/seepage. At least that is what my 2000 is doing. I am under it as much as in it!!

Okay, this time it really happened. I entered a post after Galant’s, hit ‘post comment,’ watched the dotted line flash while processing and then…gone. Maybe it will have shown up after I hit ‘post comment’ for this one?
Nope, it’s gone. In brief, I wrote that Nancy must be living a charmed life for Galant’s having ridden in from the West with an answer. Then, “Oh, I see. I opened the thread in the wrong category, expecting this was General Discussion. My face is…”