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Lost a few members?

HelloKit and Joseph seem to be off to other things, any body have an idea what’s up?

I always apreciated Kits OBD2 input and Joseph was a real work horse, hope this is temporairy.

Additionaly, where has “Shakespirit” been? I need a laugh now and then.

Quite possibly
Some of us visit both, some concentrate on one or the other.

Then there’s Craig58, who doesn’t frequent either forum. Yes, we have lost quite a few regulars. If I had to guess, I would suggest it was probably a result of having seemingly innocuous posts censored.

Maybe they got tired of our arguements. As the group grows in size, we seem to have more disputes.



Might also be folks burned out on repeat questions, there seem to be about 20 or so that periodically resurface. Not the OPs’ fault, but it gets repetitive at times…

Not the OP’s fault? Isn’t it kind of rude to not have used the forum’s search feature first?

Anyway, that is why I frequently choose not to participate in frequently repeated topics. I wish more people would do that. Until we do, we just reinforce this behavior.

Sometimes someone will reply to a repeated topic with something like “this topic was previously discussed in this thread [LINK],” but that doesn’t seem to stop people from chiming in and dragging out the conversation. If we could just leave it at that, things would be a lot better.


(thanks for the chuckle)

I guess I’m a little patient, given that this site doesn’t have a FAQs section or sticky notes, that kind of thing. But yeah, it’d be nice to use the ‘search’ function once in a while…

This site is kind of unique in that regard. Civil one might say. Try that on some of the other sites I frequent and they’ll rip you a new one for not following the directions and performing a search first. It’s been considered good BBS etiquette for as long as I can recall…

You want folks to use the search function? How about reading their maintenance schedules and following that advice.

Or their owners manual.

I will go with that one. I posted a evap code question on a F150 site, one respone came back, told me to use search, just one single response (my answer was in the files though)

I do think the repetative nature of questions combined with arguing has turned some people away. If you (me) makes a mistake and gets “corrected” sure it does not feel good, but it is not such a big deal, unless you hook up with someone who just has to have the last word,then it goes on forever.

Our recent rash of people looking for someone to blame and the threads going to 150+ responses, does not look good, would not happen else where.

One thing I would add in “our” behalf, it feels good to belong to a Forum who will look at a question that has been posted 100+ times already, and still give some help. We are the most accesible site on the net, something we should be proud about, we don’t send people away simply because they are clueless, this is good.

I agree. I assume a fair number of folks end up here as their first stop, never asked questions before, liked the radio show and now they have a problem, that kind of thing. Very different from visitors to, say, a Corvette owners/enthusiasts web site.

I checked a Chevelle forum awhile back and was gonna post a question regarding the cost of switching from 4 drums to 4 disc brakes or 2 and 2, but decided to use the search function first. I checked the responses and the posts all said to use the search function. Well, I get to the very last post that was listed in the search function and even THAT post said to use the search button.
Needless to say, I never made the post, and probably would have been told to use the search button, even if I said I did and seen the same response in all the posts that it listed.

The open forum comes standard with no chance new users will search old posts. Many times it is not bad to revisit a problem rather than bring up an 8 month old post. Sure we have to repeat and sure people have the same problems as others previously posted. But I think there is an altruistic spirit (the wish to hep other people at no cost) that is more important, in spite of the frustrations.

I have a terrible time trying to use the search function, I am not very computer savvy,Never hat tried to use one until less than 3 years ago. When I try to use the search button I either get 12000+ responses or just a few -none of them on point,-Worse when I click on one to open it I just get kicked back to the most recent repair and maintenance posts.

They got jobs sweeping the runway in Brussels.
(You remember the volcano in Iceland).

Between the hair trigger censorship and the worsening interface I’m by the door and about to leave.

I’m in the process of cutting down on my time here. I found a good website that actually pays for good advice. If your answer is accepted…you get a cut of the fee. It goes directly to my Paypal account. I like the idea of donating time, which I will still do, but sometimes situations can get out of control. For the most part…the people who give advice here are dead on the money and are real professionals in every sense of the word. Some…don’t really know the difference between a nut and a bolt…even with pictures.