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Tesla tax credit expiring

Interesting article.

Yeah I heard investors are starting to fidget a little too. Tax credits come out of all of our pockets though so my vote would be to end them post haste. Solar credits too.


Marnet, I read that article and my thought was if the lack of a tax credit meant he could not afford the vehicle then he had no business buying in the first place. I am with Bing , tax credits take money away from serious services to help someone buy something is wrong.

Here in Oklahoma we had tax credits for people to buy LSV 's ( Low speed vehicles ) hundreds maybe thousands of them were sold. Then people found out just how worthless they were because of the restrictions of where they could be driven . You could not use streets with speed limits over 40 miles an hour .


Good! Why should my tax dollars being used to subsidize he purchase of cars that cost well over $100,000? I have far less of an issue for the sub $35,000 cars but Tesla has not made any of those yet.

It is past time for Tesla to table the hype and become a real car company that runs in the black instead of the red. And they are finally right on the cusp of either collapsing or succeeding.


And cleaning up the environment from ICE engines comes out of all our pockets too.

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There is so little in our daily lives that isn’t significantly altered financially by federal rules, taxes and tax breaks that were written to benefit a few at the expense of the many… Who here benefits from ethanol?

I’m ok with this.

Of course, I expect gas subsidies to be ended as well, - and not just the $4 billion in direct subsidies, but also the $200 billion in hidden subsidies paid to repair/replace/relocate from areas damaged by the effects of fossil fuel emissions.

If those of us who want an electric car can’t be supported by the taxpayers, neither can the rest of you.

And since those gas credits aren’t going away because, gee, we might annoy Exxon, the electric credits should stay as well.

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Elected federal officials wanted to encourage electric and electric assisted vehicles. The nonrecurring costs are so high that they discourage the investment in building these vehicles. The lawmakers figured that a enough of the nonrecurring costs would be paid for with these tax credits for the first 200,000 vehicles that automakers would be more likely to build them. It seems to be working. The general public gets lower airborne pollution from cars. That may not mean much to you if you live in a low population density area, but it does mean a lot to people in high density areas, like the Northeast Corridor and Southern California.

Tesla’s are built about 15 miles from where I live. I heard something funny the other day. They’ve set up a big tent and are now building them outdoors rather than inside the factory. The reason apparently is the robots inside the factory are not working correctly, programming problems and the like and these bots stubbornly refuse to build any cars. The robots are out on a wildcat strike, so to speak. Tesla corp needs to build more cars to meet the production goals, so it seems they’ve hired a bunch of welders to come to the San Jose and work in the tent. I might go watch, seems sort of like a circus … lol …

it indeed looks like a circus :slight_smile:


I can imagine the quality as these cars are assembled in such conditions :frowning:

Overhead cranes definitely seem out of the question.

AI? I liked the part though that if you wanted the el cheapo model it only comes in black. Reminds me of ole Henry Ford.

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Hey, they’re hand assembled. So is the Aston Martin DB11, but it costs $250,000 and up. This is a bargain!

Except for one difference . . .

Elon Musk is NOT building any of the base-line Model 3 vehicles, only the higher end versions

Not from what I read, anyways

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haha… yeh, totally missed this “uniqueness factor” :slight_smile:

A mobile assembly line.

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