Tesla model x

Im planning on visiting my daughter later this week. She is thinking of leasing a tesla model X when her current lease on an Acura MDX ends in a couple months. My familiarity with Tesla only extends to the Model 3. Any folks here have anything good or bad to say about the Model X?

Those crazy rear doors can be troublesome.

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I have a friend who was looking at a Model X Plaid. He didn’t have enough good words to say about it but ultimately decided that it was way more car than he needed and opted for a Y instead. Yes, the cost was a factor too. Also, does your daughter live somewhere that charging station access won’t be an issue or does she plan on installing a Level 2 charger at home?

I only found out about the Tesla when she asked me to bring tools with me to run a 220 volt line to her garage!

I find it fascinating that Mercedes could build a car with relatively reliable gull wing doors in 1950 and Tesla cant do it today even with the availability of dramatically better technology.

Has she driven a Model Y? The Model X is an old design but is larger than the Model Y. It is also about twice the cost of the Model Y. If she wants a large SUV and can afford a lease in a $69,000 SUV, then the X is a good choice. I’ve had good success with my Model 3. One downside of the Model X is that the NCA battery degrades if charged to 100% frequently. Tesla recommends charging to 80% on a regular basis and only charging to 100% when the full range is needed, like on a trip.

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