Temp gauge won't move off C, fan runs on cold start

Recently my 2012 terrain was having issues with overheating. So I brought into my local shop. Had some leaks from the transmission cooler lines. So both transmission cooler lines had to be replaced as well as the water pump, serp belt, and thermostat. Less than 12 hrs and about 30 miles after picking it up the temp gauge wasn’t moving off C and the fan was running for 5 mins after turning the car off as well as right away with start up. Brought the car back to the shop and their thought was thermostat was bad. Ordered a new one and replaced it. After pick up, all seemed somewhat fine. Gauge would never get higher than a 1/4. Heat in the car was decent. Finally last night, about 3 days and 75 miles after pick up, the issues started up again. Fan running right on cold start and the gauge not moving off of C. Starting to get frustrated. Anyone have thoughts?

Is it the engine fan? I guess they must have gone to electric fans. My GM will throw a code and check engine light for running too cool, so maybe it is a bad gauge. It could also be low on coolant.

A faulty cooling system thermostat wouldn’t explain a radiator fan turning on and running continuously at start up. Was it the thermostat they replaced, or the ECTS (engine coolant temp sensor)? The latter could cause those symptom, if it was faulty. First check: Is the cooling system if properly filled? Second check: Figure out why the radiator fan comes on at start up. Make sure the AC or Defrost isn’t turned on then, b/c the fan normally runs whenever the AC is on.

Sounds like they replaced the thermostat