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93 Tarus gets too hot befroe fan starts up

Howdy at highway speed the gauge sits at the “o” in the normal but in stop an go traffic in town the gauge goes up to past “m” before the radiator fan kicks in.On for only a few seconds . How can i get the ran to come on at a lower temp? 49,998 miles and new thermostate and flush and new antifreeze same problem.

You may have an overheating problem, not a problem with the radiator fan. Which, BTW, has it’s own temp sensor and relay.

Have the temperature sensor replaced. The gauge is accurate.

“O” “M” What does that mean? How is the gauge readout configured? Why do you believe it is a “Problem?”

It would not necessarily be a problem for the fan not to come on until the temperature is above the thermostat temperature, in fact it would be normal. If you do have a problem then it likely is the fan sensor.

When it comes to engines, cooler is not always better.

i took that to mean the word “normal” is on the gauge. the description is the needle moving from the “o” to the “m” in the range.

it does sound to me that the car is operating within the “normal” range, as evidenced by the description.

but if this is different than the “old” way it was running, then either the thermostat is going, or the temp sensor for the radiator fan is going.

So, OK, the radiator fan comes on, and what happens to the temperature indication? Does it come down? If you’re concerned, you could have the temperature of the radiator actually measured with an infrared thermometer.

What does BTW mean?

by the way

The temp gauge reading is well past the center before the fan comes on- the gauge is saying the car is overheating is what i mean to express.

the gauge comes down alittle bit but not back to its normal spot on the gauge. Where can one loacate a infrared thermometer?

Many repair shops have infrared thermometers…including radiator repair shops.