Temp Guage & fans

Hello, I have a 2000 Monte Carlo. My temperature guage does not move when the car is warm and the electric fans continue to run for about 10 minutes after the car is turned off. What do you think is the problem?

The problem might be with a faulty coolant temp sensor for the radiator fan(s).

This sensor energizes the cooling fan relay which turns on the cooling fans. If this sensor is faulty where it thinks the coolant temp is much hotter than it really is, the fans will operate when they shouldn’t. This causes the engine to run too cool which is why the temp gauge doesn’t move. Also, the fans will continue operate long after the engine is turned off if this sensor is faulty.


The engine coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is, usually, next to where the large, upper, radiator hose goes to the engine. It, probably, has a two wire connector. First, just disconnect the electrical connector, and reconnect. The wiping action of the disconnect and reconnect can make a better electrical connection. Then, check the heat indication dash gage and the engine cooling fan(s) (it has three) operation. Using a digital multimeter, one of the wires to the CTS should have 5 volts dc. If it doesn’t have 5 volts, check the wire back to the engine computer (which outputs the 5 volts). If that is ok, the CTS is probably bad.