Telenav vs. Garmin

I recently upgraded my phone thru my carrier and it has a nifty GPS function.

Today it saved my ass while on a trip and the first 60 days of Telenav are “free” and then its $3 / month thereafter.

I’m toying with the idea of spending $150 for a brand spankin new Garmin. But its not often that I will need GPS capability in my car.

So i’m wondering if it would make better financial sense to pay the $36 a year for a function that I will need only occasionally, or pay the $150 outright and be done with it?

Buy a Garmin on eBay from somebody that’s ALREADY done with it…

I’m using the same service from Verizon, only pay for the months I need it, which is not very often. So it’s saving me money, it’s always with me, don’t have to remember it. If I had frequent need for a GPS I’d get a Garmin.


If you’re still within the return policy on your cellphone, consider another alternative, which is to get an Android-based cellphone. That will have Google Maps with navigation built in for free. Since you won’t use it often, the smaller screen probably won’t be a big issue for you.