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I have a2007 Toyota Avalon with a factory installed GPS.I was just sent a offer from toyota to upgrade my system for $199 bucks!

My wife bought me a Garmin for my truck that was less than $100,and it gives me more info and eassier to use than the installed one.I need help if I should invest the $199 or is there a alternative?

$199 for the Toyota upgrade or $100 for another Garmin. Why do you need help with this?

Buy another Garmin and save $99.

Agree; those factory installed units are a bit of a joke. The same hold for audio equipment. The high end after market stuff is great and inexpensive.

Not only is it more expensive, it’s probably harder to do the upgrade as well. I’ll bet it’s a DVD and the box for it is under the passenger seat and requires moving and removing several things in your car.