Technical Service Bulletins - HELP!

I have a 2002 Mazda MPV. I have had a popping in the front end when driving over bumps which started about 6 months after I bought it. It has been worked on several times and I was never charged because it was during the warranty period. I have the service receipts.

The popping is back and, of course, it’s out of warranty now.

I often hear the guys on the show telling people to check for a technical service bulletin on problems. I checked online and there is a TSB for my problem. But what does this really mean to me?

Do they have to fix it regardless that it’s out of warranty?

Thanks in advance!

You may have what’s called an on-going warranty issue.

This means if you bring a vehicle in for a warranty repair for a certain problem, but that problem hasn’t been resolved after the warrany expires, it’s an on-going warranty issue.

I would return the vehicle and explain that the problem with the vehicle while it was under warranty still isn’t resolved. And you want an on-going warranty repair.


If there was no recall involved, then you probably won’t get a free repair four to six years later when the problem started up again. The TSB will tell you or your mechanic how to fix it correctly, in accordance with Mazda’s procedure (that is why a TSB is distributed). It does not guarantee a free repair. You can talk with the service adviser or manager, and mention it to him, but approval is doubtful. I would call and talk with the dealership first; if they can’t guarantee a free repair, or cost sharing, then I would go to an independent mechanic to get it fixed. He can also access the TSBs and repair generally at a cost lower than the dealer.

Yep, agree with both. The TSB means that they discovered a problem, and figured out a recommended way to fix the problem. Doesn’t mean they will pay for it, just that they know how to fix it now. But the fact that you had it worked on during warrenty and they didn’t fix it right would be in your favor for a reduced cost repair or free-just be nice.