TCS- brakes or transmission?

My TCS light is on. I feel a terrible pull when I get up to 40 miles an hour that wont go off. Feels like the car isn’t shifting. I sound like a jet plane ready to take off. Took it to car repair shop- he said it was a transmission issue so take it to transmission mechanic- especially since I still have 3 months left on my warrenty. I took it there and they claim it is a “wheel bearing issue”. $400 for repair. Would you think this should be covered transmission warrenty? Are they tied together? Should I take it to a different repair shop- like a brake specialist? This van has 220,000 miles. Dont want to keep dumping money into it but if it is a cheap fix and I can get a few more months out, I would gladly pay. Thanks for your time in answering me!

Well, it’s pretty hard to second guess two shops where people have actually been able to inspect the vehicle.

But if you had just posted your symptoms alone, I would have told you that you probably have a bad wheel bearing. A transmission problem will a) not turn on your TCS light, or b) create any kind of “pull.” A wheel bearing issue can. A bad wheel bearing is also often described as making noise resembling airplanes. The van is probably not safe to drive, and you probably need a wheel bearing.

Needing a wheel bearing has nothing to do with the transmission or any warranty it has.

Some clarification is necessary.
Did the replacement of the wheel bearing fix the problem?
But, whether it did or not, wheel bearings and transmissions have no relationship to each other, so your trans warranty is not applicable to that repair.

However, I seem to remember a recall on some Honda Odysseys, related to–IIRC–the TCS activating itself randomly. I would suggest phoning a Honda dealer’s service department, giving them your VIN, and asking if your vehicle is included in any recalls. If it is, any recall-related repairs will be free.

You didn’t bother to tell us the year of your Odyssey, but here is a link to all of the recalls for Odysseys:

A wheel bearing is not related to the transmission so that would not be covered under your transmission warranty. The symptom of a bad wheel bearing is a growling noise which is loudest about 45 miles per hour. The growling noise changes pitch if you move the steering wheel sharply to one direction while driving 45 mph.