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2001 Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems

My check engine light has been on for over a week now and my TCS light has been coming on and off intermittently. My mechanic just informed me that I have a problem with my torque converter lock-up circuit…and I probably need a new transmission. This will run between $3700 and $3800. The car is 9 years old with 104,000 miles. Is it worth putting the money into it? I’m hoping it has a lot more miles on it as I have a 14 year old who will be driving soon, and I was thinking that this would be a nice and safe vehicle for him to use (if it lasts that long.) Any thoughts?

1999-2001 Odyssey transmissions are notoriously bad. They ALL end up needing replacement. 2002-2003 were a little better. I think they figured things out by 2004.

I don’t know if the replacement transmissions are much better than the originals, you’d think they would be, but I’m no expert.

If you get comfortable that the replacement transmission is better than the original, the rest of the van should last a long time (except perhaps a motor mount or two.)

Was this diagnosis from a transmission shop or a mechanics shop?? You need a second opinion. Problems in the lockup circuit doesnt mean the transmission needs to be replaced. Let a qualified transmission shop take a look to be sure.


Get a 2nd opinion from a decent transmission shop.

If you have not changed the timing belt already you need to perform this $800+ maintenance. So consider that in your decision.