Tcc solenoid

i see a lot of replies saying “a tcc solenoid is a relatively easy fix”-i hope you don’t mean by unplugging it, it is a easy fix.i would like to repair or replace the actual problem (not cure the ssymptom) can anyone tell me how involved it is? i am real good at fixing things like that, but don’t have a lot of special tools, and don’t want to get too involved, but a general out line of what to do would help

It depends on what kind of car it is… More information, like year, make, model, engine size would help in giving you the answer you need.


94 cavalier, 2.2liter, 106,000miles, also, if i do this, what is the app. cost of the part?(ballpark)

transman, u there? i know it needs serviced, but should i wait til this tcc problem is corrected? no sense wasting new fluid only to drain it back out, eh?

A 125C transmission. TCC solenoids are a common problem with these. Dont worry about fluid loss as the solenoid is in the side pan. I would take it to a local trans shop, tell them to service it with a pan drop and filter change and to replace the tcc solenoid in the side cover.


The key is the word “relative” in that it is relatively easy for a transmission repair in that it doesn’t require removal of the transmission or very extensive disassembly. It’s not easy relative to changing your oil or changing your spark plugs, but compared to a complete automatic transmission overhaul it’s a snap!

I did it once on my 88 Buick Century and it was fairly straightforward, but from what I understand on cars where clearance is an issue it can be difficult to remove the side cover to get to it.