Transmission Overdrive Cylinoid

Hi. I have a 2000 Buick Century with 212k miles on it. I would like to sell it. The problem is the transmission overdrive cylinoid keeps getting stuck open. It’s not a big deal once I get going 55mph or so. It’s just that it’s kinda “jerky” before getting up to that speed. Is this something that can be fixed by having the transmission system flushed or is it a problem of having to replace the transmission? How do I sell this car (even for dirt cheap) if I have to tell the interested persons that the transmission is going out??? Can I get a thousand bucks for it simply for the fact that it does run? I have been driving it until yesterday, fairly regularly.

What is trans code? P0741? Seems to me 0741 is tcc stuck on and 0742 is tcc stuck off. Is that the code u mean? The trans not shifting from 3rd to 4th is another issue and usually expensive. Not that tcc codes are cheap

Is it the overdrive solenoid or the torque converter lock up solenoid? If its the OD one there should be a code. At any rate doesn’t matter, its the same solution. The solenoids are in the dry portion of the trans (I’m pretty sure) and they are an electrical switch, so flushing or fluid changes will have no affect whatsoever on them. To replace them though, requires partially dropping the trans to get access to the housing cover on the drivers side of the trans. The solenoids themselves are not expensive like $30 but its about four hours labor to do the job with pulling the axle, etc. So you are somewhere in the $3-500 range. With that many miles, it is best to just wait for a trans overhaul and do it all at once. The solenoids are not normally part of the overhaul though so you have to make sure to tell them it is bad. With bad luck you end up paying for the solenoid then a couple months later need an overhaul. Been there a couple times. Once under warranty and once I had to pay.