Tc0027 code


I have a 96 Cadi. Eldorado 4.6 in my Chiltons book it says that code TC0027 means, the front left wheel sensor circuit has a continuity malfunction. Does that mean the connection is lost? If so, where might be the most likely place to look be or, could the ABS be bad?


yes, the left front wheel, and yes.

the computer is telling you it is having a hard time communicating with the abs sensor.

the front left is the front left wheel, and the sensor is located on the inside of the axle, usually on the upper side of the hub. (don;t know the exact position of your sensor, but chiltons should have a diagram of at least a generic picture of one)

the abs could be bad, but the most likely explanation is that the sensor is damaged, or (in the case of your cars age) just worn out.

have you had/ or done any front wheel repairs lately? tire changing, brake job, or other maintenance? sometimes the work can whack the sensor and give these problems.


Previously I had a TC0037 code. I was told the ABS was bad. I picked a used ABS up at the salvage yard and replaced the bad ABS. Now I’M geting a TC0027. Could the used ABS be bad?. The previous TC0037 was the only code I had. What do you think?


I have the Factory manuals if you are interested.chilton will not be enough for this problem. caddilac likes to make more out of stuff then they need to.(KEEPS IT IN HOUSE)