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Acura CL - ABS Sensor

Got a #17 trouble code, which is the left-rear sensor. Test at the 20-pin connector seems appropriate. Manual recommends replacing sensor, but they are expensive. Can you disconnect the right-rear and left-rear and swap their connections, to see if the trouble code moves to the other wheel?

What you can probably do, is to swap the sensor left to right, instead of swapping the plugs.

That’s what I was thinking, but wasn’t sure if the connectors were the same. I’ll give it a try this weekend. Thanks!

I switched the connectors last night,and now have a new code, #15, which is the right rear. So, I’m assuming it’s my left rear sensor that’s bad. They cost about $160 so, I’m thinking about searching salvage yards.

I would start with taking it off and cleaning it if you haven’t yet. There could be a bad pin in the connector or a bad coil, or just some dirt/crud built up in the contact area where the sensor picks up the signal from the rotor. THere isn’t much to those things, just a coil and a cogged rotor that creates a microvoltage as the tooth or gear sweeps past the coil. Maybe the bracket got bent? I’m not sure what you switched, but I would try to clean everything and look for proper adjustment before you go buying parts.

The other end of the harness has a connector that is located in the middle of the rear axle. Coincidently, the connector for the right sensor is right next to it. So, I switched the right with the left and got a different trouble code. That tells me the problem is in the left rear sensor. I did do some break on the left rear recently so, I’ll take your advice and try cleaning around the sensor area.