2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ABS code C0237



abs c0237 code
aredy change: front hub, rotor ,pad, weel sdeedsensor,brake pad.

now ; rear , new brake pad , and e-brake,

now wat??? its still ABS light it on


Erratic rear speed sensor fault could come from bad sensor, bad connection, bad connector, bad wiring, or damaged tone wheel.


Or bad ABS unit.



You need a shop that has a lab o’scope . the techs can use that instrument to inspect the signal produced by the wheel speed sensors as the wheels are manually rotated with the car on the lift. There’s probably only one of the sensor’s that’s causing the problem. If all 4 wheel’s signals look ok, then that narrows it down considerably b/c it means the problem is in the wiring from the sensors to the abs unit, or the abs unit itself.

The signal as displayed on the o’scope will look something like this


where the vertical direction is voltage, and the horizontal is time. A faulty one will look like this





A shop w/the chevy oem scan tool can probably inspect the signals that way also.