Taurus side mirror

2001 Taurus SE, Driver’s side mirror cracked. Can just the glass be replaced or does the whole thing have to be replaced?

Rockauto sells them.


As do most parts stores.



You need to get the old glass off, though. Do you know how to do it?

Nope. Can you help me?

Terry , You Tube has lots of videos showing how to replace just the mirror or you could call a local auto glass shop for an estimate.

Thanks… I’ll check that out.

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per VOLVO-V70’S advice had one on one of my heavy trucks with a big mirror break I went to the local glass shop and he cut a new one and glued it in I think it was about 20$ and about 25 minutes to do the job that was about 15 years ago so might be a little higher now.

Thanks, Renegade!

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I bought a replacement glass of Amazon for my GMC truck and a Chevy van. had sticky on the back, I just stuck it straight to the cracked glass that was already there (mine wasn’t missing any pieces, just cracked.)

here is a Taurus one for less than $25:
Amazon- Taurus glass

I had the right hand mirror glass fall out of the mirror on my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I ordered ba replacement glass for the mirror from the Oldsmobile dealer. When it came in and I removed the backing paper, the adhesive had dried out and wouldn’t stick.
I took the car to the body shop at the Chrysler/Plymouth dealer where I had done business before. The manager said he had a glass shop technician coming that afternoon to replace a windshield and he would have the glass shop technician fix the mirror. The body shop manager asked me what I had paid for the replacement glass. When I told him, he said that was way too high. When I picked up the car, there was no charge. He said I had already been stung by the parts department at the Oldsmobile dealer. He said the best solution is to have the glass shop cut a new glass and the cost would be a lot less.

I pulled the old one off and put a new one in, but it was an Olds Silhouette. You should check the YouTube videos for your Taurus. You might also consider gluing a replacement over the old one. I’d depends on how close to OEM you want it to look.

Thanks Triedaq

Thanks Eddo, you’re the best!