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Taurus Runs Poorly

Hello. I have a 2004 Ford Taurus and I’m getting error codes P0340 and P2196.

What is the cause? If I replace the camshaft position sensor will this fix the issue? The first code shows that has malfunctioned.

The camshaft position sensor informs the computer when the ignition timing and fuel injection should occur.

If this sensor has failed, the computer will fall back to a default value to keep the engine operating. This is always a rich condition.

And this would cause the O2 sensor code: Stuck Bias/Rich.


I put the new camshaft sensor on and the P0340 code has went away. Car is still running terribly.

The check engine light came back on showing a code P2197.

I forgot to mention there has been a oil leak somewhere for awhile. I’ve been adding about a 1/2 quart per month but I drive the car a lot throughout the month.

There is no antifreeze loss.

But there is water dripping from the tailpipe. Of course it is not up to running temperature.

There is also water dripping from about 16" before the end of the exhaust pipe on the right at the beginning the box looking device on the exhaust pipe. (not sure what that is honestly).

Because of the oil loss I did replace the spark plugs thinking they might have been fouled out. It did not change the way it was running.

Before it began running rough and now there has not been any black smoke out of the exhaust pipe.

Help please!