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Taurus heater core bypass hose assy

hose assy has rusted lines. not leaking yet but I got new assy. easier to remove wiper cowl to reach assy or remove intake manifold? I am leaning to cowl since I did it for rear plugs 2 yrs ago. I see that slitting rubber hoses barely improves hose removal from heater core inlet/outlet. you have to twist hose with pliers to break the rubbers “grip” on tube.

Have you removed the snap ring connections from the heater core?

. $3 at yard. Still has sticker they used screw clamps at heater core. My car has spring clamps at all connections

There have been some changes since the last Taurus heater that I worked on. Earlier models had spring loaded quick connects. But when removing stubborn hoses I found that bending an ice pick and blunting the tip made it possible to seperate the rubber from the metal enough to spray some WD-40 in and then the pick tip would slip around breaking the hose free. I seem to recall having several ice picks bent at various dog leg angles and lengths. And those quick connects were a real pain on some models. I’m not surprised they have been discontinued.

seem the paint layer had corroded and swelled but the steel pipe under it seems fine. i tried to bend it but its solid. so the replacement effort was a waste of time? the funky paint crap was crumbling off as i took off the solid pipe. if it was an easy to get at hose by the front of motor it would be no big deal. but it was buried between the motor and firewall.