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2003 Ford Taurus - No hear

I have no heat in my car at all. I have flushed whole Rad system, changed the Thermostat and still nothing.

Taurus has a “H” shaped bypass hose assy on firewall. You have to unhook and bypass this assy by unhooking hoses there. If core is plugged, the fluid bypasses it. Thus the name. You have to force water thru heater core. Remove panel under wiper assy to reach it. Makes job much easier.


I’m with @Cavell on this one

We used to have many Tauruses of this vintage in our fleet

And I flushed a LOT of heater cores to restore proper functionality

In many cases, they were plugged due to the coolant not being serviced frequently enough . . . if ever

Me thinks the heading needs edited > :wink:

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Can you speak up?
I can’t heat you.