Taurus Brakes Sqeeking

My brakes on my 2004 Taurus have begun to emit a high pitched squeel again. I took it to the shop and the pads, rotors, shoes and drums are OK. They didn’t notice any dust or such on them either. When I had this problem once before Ford cleaned the brakes to the tune of $75.00. What did they do? can I do something to clean them without taking everything apart? By the way- it appears to be the rear brakes mostly.

Try this drive the car at 50 MPH & hit the brakes hard, but dont skid, at 40MPH release the brakes. Repeat a couple of times & see if they don’t quiet down.

Be sure to find a safe location to do this.

To clean the rear drum brakes unfortunately you will have to take the drum off of the wheel. If they are squeeling again soon after cleaning I would be suspicious of using low quality components. Did they turn the drums or replace with brand new when the rear brake were replaced? IF you do take it apart, inspect the surface finish of the drums. It should be smooth and not grooved or rough. You may want to make sure that any contact points on the shoes are lubricated with a synthetic high temp brake grease. This may reduce noises.

The fronts you can clean by going to a self serve car wash and spraying the disks through the wheel slots with high pressure water. You make want to remove hub caps if you have them.