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Squeeling brakes 2003 Taurus

My car just passed inspection with no problem. I’ve had it for two years now. Ever since I got it, if I’m going really slow and apply the brakes, they squeel. Rain or really humid weather make it worse. Was told by car dealer I bought it from that some brakes just do that. It bothers me.

Squeal Sorry- can’t find how to remove my question to fix the misspelling.

Is the noise from the front brakes or the rear?

There are shims and a special anti-squeal compound that are installed when the front brake pads are replaced. If installed correctly, with any necessary shims and the compound, brake pads should not squeal.

Your car may have drum brakes on the rear, in which case the above would not apply to them.

Have you taken the car to a mechanic about this? I would suggest an independent mechanic rather than a dealer. There’s probably nothing wrong with the brakes, but a mechanic may be able to eliminate the noise.