Tapping sound under passenger dashboard

I have a tapping sound from the glove box area, 5-6 times, after I start the car. That is the only time it happens whether the A/C is off or on.

What year is car/mileage,

fan noise on passanger side, thats where the blow motor is located, fan that pushes air inside the car. and usually the air filter behind the glove box. Maybe motor is going bad, but you can try to located it under the passanger floor with flashlight, and put your head near and try to see if that’s the device it’s coming from.

On my old beater car my motor fan would virbrate and my passanger would kick it couple times, and it would shut up, wouldn’t recommend haha!


videos on youtube if you find thats whats causing the noise.

More than likely, a balky “blend door” in the HVAC system is attempting to open or close, and is unable to do so.

I replaced the actuator, everything is good

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