2010 Ford Taurus Clicking Sound Passenger side on Start up

We have a 2010 Ford Taurus. In good repair, regular maintenance has been done, 80k miles, mostly HWY.

Friday when I started the vehicle there was a sound that lasted for about 10-15 seconds that was like “Tack tack tack tack tack tack tack” coming from the passenger side dash seemingly behind the glove box. Perfect rhythm.

No dash warnings or alarms. Everything seems to be functioning fine. I’ve started the car 4 times since then with the exact same behavior. Only occurs when I first start the car.

The AC seems to be working well (thought maybe it was something related to that as it’s just gotten warm here).

The local Ford Dealership is an option however they are an hour away so if this is something I might be able to diagnose and fix myself, I’d prefer to. Any diagnostics folks could recommend? Hubby is out of the country. I’m relatively handy. I could definitely win some cool points if I could diagnose and fix this myself. My experience in repairs is rather limited to tractors, not cars. But I do have a plethora of tools available.

My searches thus far indicate that it could be a problem with a blend door actuator but I’ve not seen much info on what investigating/replacing that might encompass.

Thanks in advance.

Go to YouTube and in their search engine type in Taurus Blend Door Actuator. It’ll show where it’s located and what causes the noise.


Do you think that’s what it IS though? I don’t want to start tearing apart everything without proper diags.