Car Ticking on Passenger Side In Glove Compartment Area in Chevy Aveo 2007

Hello Everyone,

I have a chevy aveo 2007; and some ticking just started on the passenger side in the glove compartment area. It ticks when I am driving on sitting still. Can anyone help. Thank you.

It might be the blower motor. Does the ticking stop when the fan is turned off?

Ed B.

It is very likely that you are hearing one of the “blend doors” in the HVAC system attempting to open or to close, but not being able to do it, and thus–trying to complete its cycle, over and over again.

This could be due to a disconnected vacuum hose (if those doors are powered by vacuum servos), or it could be an electrical problem, but either way, your mechanic will likely have to do a bit of digging to find the problem inside the tight confines of that dashboard.

Another possibility is that there could be a leaf or a twig caught in the HVAC blower. If the frequency of the noise speeds up when you increase the fan speed, that would be an indication of this condition. If the noise is not affected by fan speed, then I would look at the blend doors.