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Tall Driver

What is the best car for a driver who is 6’ 5"?
Driver can drive a stick, wants great gas mileage and maneuverability.

The tall driver needs to go drive different vehicles to decide for themselves. I’m 6’4" and I can’t drive most vehicles that get great fuel economy. I just opt for pickup trucks with V6 engines. Right now I have two Dodge Dakotas as my daily drivers. I drove Jeep Cherokees for years because they had great leg room, my head didn’t rub the headliner and they offered fairly good fuel economy.

Tall people generally come in two varieties…ones with long legs and ones with long bodies. I have long legs so I can drive most full to midsize cars and trucks. It really comes down to personal comfort but I would forget about great gas mileage and stick shifts as well. Long legs and clutch pedals get old after a while.

You have to sit in cars. They are all variable. Also, I am 6’, but all my height is in my legs. Only have trouble with mu head in the smallest cars, but have leg issues in a lot of bigger size cars. The other problem I notice is thigh support. For example, on my Camry, I do not have to push the seat all the way back, so good leg room, but the seat itself is small and has minimal to no thigh support, so on long drives I get back pain.