Takata airbag recall by VIN #

The Safercar.gov web site has now been updated with the latest info on affected VINs. You can see if your car is included here:

Nope. My Accord still isn’t on the list. I’m getting tired of looking it up.

But thanks for posting the link, a good public service announcement.

My 06 Dakota,made the list.I really wish we could opt out of these “Face-mines” if we desired.

Note: the web page requires you to enter some very faint numbers in the photo into the text box. That is not immediately obvious, as the only clue is “type the text”.

Thanks for the link. The speaker icon works well to tell you the numbers. Like jtsanders, my o3 trailblazer has the takata, but not on the list.

My Toyota has Takata airbags . . . as far as I know . . . but it’s not on the list

Those small numbers in the text box are sure hard to read . . . !

I did it on an iPad and the numbers were easy to read without magnification. I imagine they would be hard on a phone though.

I used my laptop and the numbers were hard to read without magnification

I didn’t do it yet but will have to go look up the Vins. I think they would let me know if there was a recall though.

Now just a rant on VINs and other letters/numbers. Will they please bring back the military slash 0 so you know what is an O (oh) and what is a 0 (zero), easily. Either that or quit using O and 0 in character strings that can be either one. $25.01 I understand but stock number AKO05689 I have trouble with at my age.

“I think they would let me know if there was a recall though.”

You are entirely too trusting


They are legally required to send letters to owners for safety recalls.
That doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong.
I have received recall letters from Honda and Toyota in the past.

Just checked the list and my 2006 Matrix is on the recall list.
Wasn’t on there last week.

@circuitsmith, let us know if Toyota will replace it this year.

as far as being legally required to send recall letters . . .

My brother bought a 2008 Toyota, brand new

Most of the recall letters never get sent to this house, and there have actually been quite a few

Clearly, many fall through the cracks

I think it’s safer to check yourself, rather than blindly trust that “they” will inform you of a situation

Toyota added more cars last week along with some other manufacturers they are also including driver side inflators now. The total number of cars is somewhere around 34,000,000 and could cost Takata over 2 billion. I wonder how all the old inflators will be destroyed, since they are all being shipped back.

my 2007 Corolla is in the recall. I’m nervous driving now that it is summer, and hot and humid. Is there a reason that the airbags can’t be made inoperable until they are fixed? Is there any way to be safe driving, other than never causing them to inflate, or wearing a suit of armor?

Just like the old days with no air bags, if you drive defensively and don’t get in an accident, they will never deploy.

One would have to be pretty trusting and have a lot of reliance on a very shaky contact system to expect a Recall notice in the mail for every one of them that comes down the pike.
It usually boils down to putting it out in the public domain and letting everyone fend for themselves.

My daughter’s '05 Mustang (which was not under the Recall for bags) is now covered because of those bags.
The issue now is that the Ford dealers don’t have the parts and it’s now a “who knows when” situation.

Much like the steering Recall on my oldest son’s Pontiac. Two years since they first tried to get this resolved and the Recall is still not performed due to another “who knows when” situation.

No doubt GM is hoping that the lengthy delays will lead to most of the covered cars ending up in the boneyard and save them the cost of performing the Recalls.

Actually, I’ve always gotten a notice in the mail. I got a notice from GM on my Pontiac in the mail last year for the brake light thing. And I got a notice in the mail on my 08 Acura for the fuel line replacement in 2011. When news comes out though, I sometimes will go to the Onstar or Acura sites to see if mine are included and they weren’t except for those I got notice on.

I actually don’t remember other recalls but I have some vague memory of having a seat belt retractors replaced on my Aurora. The car must have been 6 or 7 years old and we were the second owners but I still somehow got a notice from Olds. Otherwise I never would have taken it in because we weren’t having problems. Now that I think of it, I believe they replaced the fuel line on the Olds too as a recall and I got a notice on that.

Maybe because I always keep my titles and license info up to date and haven’t moved for 20 years so I’m easier to find. The post office does not forward mail any longer than six months even if you do a change of address, so if your address is wrong, you’ll never get a notice.

Edit: Just for kicks, I plugged the VINs in. Nothing on my Acura and nothing on my Pontiac. I even plugged my old Acura in and nothing on that one.

@atalanta Toyota provided temporary passenger airbag deactivation if the dealer did not have a replacement inflator in stock. That procedure was canceled in February.

There are two recalls, the difference being the region.

Recall E04 applies to vehicles originally sold in, or currently/previously registered in areas of high absolute humidity; Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii.
Replacement is currently available for this recall (depending on dealer inventory).

Recall DSF is for the rest of the United States, performed in phases. Currently 2003-2004 Corollas are being repaired, 2005-2007 repair to be announced in the future.