Tail lights on an 88 corolla

I have a 1988 Toyota Corolla. The tail lights are out, even though the break lights and turning lights are working. I have tried changing the light bulbs and the fuse on the side panel under the steering wheel. Is there some other fuse that I am missing somewhere? That, or any other suggestions are truly welcomed.

Power supply shortage. There must be a broken wire between the switch and the rear of the vehicle for all the (rear) clearance (parking) lights to be out.

Are the bulbs dual filament (as in brake and clearance, or clearance and signal) in one?

The car has two lights, a dual filament, and a single on each side. Interestingly, the side panel lights work also.

I’d guess you’d mention this, but do your headlights work? Also, you say you tried changing the fuse, but was the fuse bad? Is the new fuse you put in still good?

What sounds the most likely to me is the switch itself, although the wiring is a possiblilty as well. Autozone’s website will probably have a service manual for your vehicle with a wiring diagram, which will be helpful.

All other lights are working. Only the tail lights. I am wondering if I changed the right fuse. Don’t still have the manual.

Try your public library for access to www.alldata.com. They, usually, have all those electrical diagrams. A subscription to alldata.com is $25 per year.