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2014 Civic tail lights not working, bulbs and fuses are fine

Wondering what I should check next. Both tail lights and license lights are out, but the brake lights, reverse, and blinkers all work. Front lights (both automatic and headlights) are all working. We tried replacing the fuses and those looked fine (and replacing didn’t fix the problem). The light bulbs all appear to work otherwise. The car was just inspected in October and passed. The only other work done at that time was oil change and tires replaced. Any ideas what I should check next?

I’ll probably end up going to a mechanic, but like to do/learn as much as I can first.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Sounds like a broken ground wire. An volt ohm meter would help you confirm that. If you can get to the bulbs then you have access the wiring. Follow the black wire from the bulbs where it goes and see if the wire is broken or the attatchment screw is corroded.

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The running lights and license plate lights are tied together on the same power. Do the front running lights work? if so there circuit going to the rear lights has a problem. The trouble is most likely under the dash area. It is real helpful to have a wiring diagram when working on these kind of troubles yourself. A shop shouldn’t have much trouble in fixing the issue.