2001 Nissan Frontier Tail Lights Out


I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier with both tail lights out. I have replaced both bulbs, still out. Replaced the tail light fuse , still out. Brake lights work. Head lights work. Front running lights work. Turn signals work. I have even pulled all fuses to see if one was blown and mislabeled, no dice. What next? Any Ideas?


Next you need to test the headlight switch. Find out if it is really sending juice to the rear connector. You will surely need a wiring digram for this problem.


When I turn the switch to the on position for tail/running lights, the front running lights come on but the tail lights do not. Doesn’t this tell me that the switch is working?


This test tells you that the switch is partially working.


In many vehicles, the dash lights are on the same circuit as the tail lights. Are these instrument lights working? If not, then there is a problem in this circuit. If the intrument panel lights work and are not on the same circuit as the tail lights, do you have a connection for trailer lights? If so, you might check to see if this is somehow causing your problem.

The tail lights should also go on with the parking lights. If the parking lights are not working, the switch might be a suspect.


Is the truck wired for trailer lights? The splice in the taillight circuit may have corroded, cutting power to the taillights while allowing the rest of the lights to continue working.


Turn the lights on. Check the blue/red wire for power where it comes into the trunk. If it has power there, move along the wire to the tail lights and the license plate light. If there isn’t power there, the wire is broken between those two points.


by any chance have you had a flat tire lately? been rummaging around in the trunk, going into the side panels? been under the truck in the rear, messing with the spare, or doing a brake job? jacked up the truck lately?


Is power getting to the fuse?


The trailer pigtail was the culprit. Thanks for the help.