Removal of tail light cover


The tail light bulbs have burnt out on my car. How do I remove the cover to replace the bulbs? Thank you.


You don’t. You access the bulb from behind. Look for an access panel behind the taillight in the trunk or void next to the hatch gate. You may get more specific answers if you tell us what kind of vehicle it is, make, model, year.


It is a '94 Toyota Corolla sedan.


As keith has said, access the bulbs from inside the trunk. Find the socket and give it a quarter twist counterclockwise. Then you can remove and replace the bulb.


Most likely you have to remove the the whole tail light assembly. On some Toyotas there are accessible screws hidden by the trunk lid. On others you have to remove the trunk liner on the side needed and there will be nuts right by the trunk openning. Once the screws or nuts are removed, move the light assembly out a little bit and rock it up and down while pushing to the outside. There are two pins that fit into sockets on the lateral side of the fender. Once the assembly is free the light sockets can be unlatched by turning counter clorkwise and pulling the lamp socket out. Change the lamp as ordinarily done and reinstall everything.


There’s a clear description of the process in your owner’s manual.

Taillights and headlights are now made in molded one piece “lighting modules” with replaceable bulbs in the back. The plastics industry has now developed a molded one piece fender with included lighting module part that we’ll be seeing on cars soon. I think BMW is using it on one of their new designs. Imagine that!