Tail light malfunctioning

I have a Mitsubishi Outlander 2011 SE.
The tail light on the driver’s side doesn’t work.
They are LED lights and they cannot be replaced individually.
You have to change the all assembly.
I’ve thought it burnt out.
Bought a new one at the dealer but it doesn’t work either.
The brakes light works.
On the passenger side the light works correctly.
What can be the reason?

It might be an electrical problem. If you have a voltmeter, you can check it yourself. Unplug the tail lamp from the light assembly, turn the lights on, and see if there is power to the lamp. If not, check the wires leading to the tail light assembly. Do this by unplugging the cable from the tail light assembly and checking for power as before. This connector may service all the lights on that assembly, and you probably need a wiring diagram to know which sockets or pins to check. If you don’t want to do this, take it to a shop and have them do it.

Thank you. I’ll try it

There’s a tail-light controller it appears. The output on pin 10 powers the license plate lamp, rear combo tail light on the LH side, and the rear side maker on the LH side. Pin 13 powers the right side marker and the rear combo tail light on the RH side. It appears from what I see that the way it works, when you turn on the lights a computer of some sort signals the tail light controller to turn on the tail lights. So it’s possible the problem isn’t the light ass’y, but the communications with the controller, or with the controller itself.

Suggest to start by back-probing the tail-light connector on both sides to see if you’re getting 12+ volts there or not. It’s pin 2 of the connector, ground in pin 4. If there wasn’t a good connection between pin 4 and chassis ground, that could cause this problem too. Given what you’ve already done, I’m guessing you’re looking at replacing the tail-light controller. If so, a shop with a Mitsubishi scan tool should be able to diagnose the controller being the cause for certain.

I had a similar problem recently that I managed to correct.
Did you check fuses yet? The owners’ manual should have the fuse box diagram (an internet search might yield one with better descriptions). A blown fuse doesn’t show the exact problem but it shows you the next place to look.
Are there other lights that don’t work? Brake lights, running lights, and turn signals may be on the same circuit. You may need an assistant to list out the lights that do not work.
Then this is where the wiring diagram is a big help.
In my case, it was a damaged wiring harness for the trailer hook-up. The left tail light, brake light, and front running lights and left turn signals were all on the same circuit as the damaged harness.

I have exactly the same problem.

The tail light on the driver’s side does not work but the break light and turn light do work.

Before buying a new taillight, I swapped it taillight with another Mitsubishi Outlander. Mine works well in the other car, the other car’s light does does exactly the same in mine. So a damaged tail light is not the issue. I also checked the fuses but I am not sure if I missed something. The manual is somewhat confusing. All fuses look OK. I don’t know where the controller is or what else to check.

Can you please tell me how you solved it or any ideas of what to do? Thanks in advance.

FIXED IT! so after a lot of aggravation, i stumble upon this thread:


“Had the same problem… both license plate bulbs were burned out. Replaced them and the tail light is now working”

For my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander, I changed both plate bulbs and it worked! The Taillight is now functioning properly… this is a very weird solution but in my case it astonishingly did work.