Tahoe Driver Door not opening


My door handle on the inside of the car has stopped working. I have to roll down the window and reach to the outside to open my door. Now I see the outside handle is loose. I’m afraid it will fall apart. I want to fix it but can’t figure out how to remove the panel to take a look at it.


What year Tahoe? It may not be critically important, since almost all cars are similar. The door panel has a combination of screw fasteners and clips that hold it on. Some screws may be hidden under clip-in covers or the upholstery. Typically, the edges are where the clips are. Once the cover is off, then you will need to remove the plastic liner.

The problem with the inside door handle is most likely the plastic clips that hold the control rods to the handle. Most car manufacturers use rods to actuate the door lock, which is mounted on the outside edge where the door’s latch is. The handles connect to the latch with these rods. The plastic clips sometime break, and the rods fall out. Then, the handle doesn’t work.

You can find replacement clips at most parts stores. But, you need to pull the existing ones out in order to match the size for the new ones.


Actually the problem with your inside door handle is the fact that is is plastic. The plastic breaks and the door handle no longer works.