98 Camry driver's outer door handle won't open door

So I actually know exactly what part broke. I just don’t know the name of it.

There’s a metal rod which allows the outer door handle to transmit mechanical motion to the latch mechanism. Holding that rod in place is a plastic piece. That piece broke off the end of the rod.

I managed to fix it temporarily with some aviation wire, but as soon as the door froze again this winter, the wire appears to have snapped.

It wasn’t much fun fixing it the first time, and I hate to fix something knowing it’ll break again soon.

Anyone have experience with this? Know if I can buy that clip from Toyota? Or are they going to pull the standard-issue dealer response and require I buy a whole new door…

Just visit a dealers parts dept and ask for the door latch rod clip.

A parts person who knows his job will soon pull up a schematic to show you if the part you ask for is the right one.

Or go to a regular parts store, get a spring steel carburetor linkage clip, and say goodbye to cheap plastic.

The Toyota parts department should have whatever you need. An alternative would be find the part you need in a local junk yard.

Yeah, I’m assuming they’ll have the part, but I’m also assuming they’ll want to sell me the “door lock assembly” for $692.87 plus tax when all I need is that little plastic clip/washer thingy. You think they sell that sort of thing by itself?

And yeah, I could hit the junk yards, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to get one off another car without breaking it.

first if you ask any store for a carb rod clip they might run and hide. what the hell is a carb , you might brake your leg jumping over cars in junk yard. just buy the clip and this lube the lock works inside the door. something is sticking . and putting pressure on clip