Tacoma truck door problemo

Just this year my wonderful extended cab Tacoma , Silvie developed a problem with her front passenger side door. The door makes a “Gee-RUNK” sound when it’s shut. AND the window no longer rolls all the way down. It stops about halfway. More alarmingly, as if the Gee-RUNKing isn’t scary enough, when I drive the door sometimes will make a horrible noise as if something hit the side of the car, HARD… I keep looking to see a dog or a cat or a small child…kinda of a KER-WHUMP!

I want to get it fixed so the questions are:

  1. Is the Toyota dealership the best place?

  2. What’s wrong?

  3. Is it gonna hurt when I pay?

You can adjust the door strike. It sound as if the hinges have sagged and the strike is no longer aligned. As far as the window, the regulator is bad.

+1 with @knfenimore
It will definitely hurt when you bring it to the dealer. Find yourself a reliable independent mechanic. He’ll straighten it out for you.

You might try a local auto body repair shop. Have them look and see if they can adjust it for you. Or look in the section called “mechanics files” in the gray band at the top of this page.