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Tacoma 2003 Fueling tank Problem

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The above part does anyone know where to get that part at

When fueling gas would not flow into the gas tank the Fueling nozzle keep clicking off. everything I read said to replace this and that I did replace the roll over vent check valve with no luck in solving my problem.
I was thinking that the problem was the fuel not going into the tank checked the filler pipe it was ok. all venting lines was clear So I took the bed off so I could get to everything easy (six Bolts and tail lights to remove it) I pulled the rubber tube off connecting the tank to the filler pipe looked down the metal pipe going into the tank as saw the problem Their is a part on the inside of the tank on the end of the filler pipe (plastic part) with a tin flap on it the gas when filling the tank gas pushes the flap back and gas flows into the tank It had a some trash blocking it stopping it up.A word of advice is do not stick something in their to try and remove it as I do the tin flap will bend so so easy The part is a snap on and off Remove the fuel pump assembly to reach inside the gas tank and the gas tank vent small round vent 4 screws with one hose attached to it To look at it while you removing it
I had to straighten out the tin flap on it since i bend it Toyota has no listing at all for that part
Does anyone have an idea of what this part is called and where to get a new one Toyota could not find a part number since it was inside the gas tank its some kind of splash protection and over filling the tank I guess shutting off the fueling nozzle.

If that’s right at the top of the fuel tank, could be called the “fuel cut-off valve”, “fuel evaporator tube”, “fill check valve”, or “fuel tank vent valve”.

When you refill the gas tank, the fumes above the tank are supposed to be pushed into the evap canister as the new fuel goes into the tank. The canister separates the fumes from the air and vents the air, which makes room for filling the tank. If you can’t get fuel to flow into the tank then something’s wrong with that function. The problem could be at the top of the tank, the tubing from the top of the tank to the canister, or the canister and its valves.

From you description, among those above, sounds more like the ‘fill check valve’ than the others. You may have to purchase a new tank or a new filler tube ass’y to get that part, don’t know. I don’t see it listed separately. Junkyard may be the best source.