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I recently was in an accident where a person ran a red light and t-boned me on my way to work. There is over $10,000 worth of damage however the car is not totaled. How can I make sure that the alignment and frame (chasy) of the car are straight?

What insurance company do you have? I cannot fathom a vehicle with over 10K in damages in a T-bone crash and not being totalled. I would contact the insurance company and demand that the vehicle be totalled. I don’t think the vehicle can ever be straightened to a “like new” condition. How old is this Forester?

Beyond a good post-repait test drive, there really isn’t. If it doesn’t seem right after the repairs, document everything and pursue getting it corrected. Beyond that your only option is to sell it.

Since you’re concerned, you might also contact your insurance up front about the options available to you in lieu of having the car repaired.

Sincere best.

So you would give a client $30,000 to $50,000 (or more) for their car instead of paying just $10,000 to repair it? I don’t think that you would stay in the insurance business for very long.

The insurance company has to restore the vehicle to the condition is was before the accident. If they can’t then they have to pay. Don’t worry about the insurance company, worry about the person that is going to have to drive that vehicle. I don’t see a safe repair possible here at all.


thank you

With 10 grand worth of damage I’d be very nervous about this car; especially on a T-bone job.

If the car suffered any buckling or paint cracking around the strut and shock towers, floor pans, firewall, etc. then this would just reinforce my opinion about having the car declared a total.

“I don’t see a safe repair possible here at all.”

That, I agree with.

Is this Tom Brady???

That was my first thought.

Although he drives a nice AWD vehicle, an Audi. Two of my neighbors have the same model(A8)/same color. Nice ride.

On the news they were saying it was a Bentley…Then I saw the pic…definitely NOT a Bentley.

My wild guess is that he has a number of different cars.

I saw a guy in a new Bentley droptop earlier this week. A nice red one. I could be wrong, but I think it was one of the new supercar Bentleys that I’ve been seeing advertised, V12, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, 200+ mph…in a 2-1/2 ton car.

They are all supercars. The Continentals (4 models) all use the W-12 engine. They are 2-tons curb weight and about 2.5 tons GVW. The big Bentleys all use the turbo V8, producing a mystifying 775 lb-ft of torque. Their curb weight is 2.5 tons and their GVW is 3 tons.