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T-boned. Question

Got Tboned the other night. Didn’t get hit very hard but enough for side airbags to deploy… the right back door is a little banged up. Haven’t even tried to open it. It looks like it will open and close. The back part of the door frame is smashed a bit. I have a picture on my account if anyone can see it. The tire is flat and rim is no good I believe… it’s driveable and doesn’t really pull to any side even with flat tire. The back part of door frame closest to tire doesn’t seem to be touching tire and tire doesn’t look bent or warped it looks fine. When I drove it home after accident it makes a noise like the tire is scrapping on something… does anyone know if it’s possible to pull whatever is scraping on my tire making the noise to be pulled off tire so it can be driven temporarily till I can get it fixed? I mean behind the tire could be a whole other story. But it’s not that banged up. Any opinions? Insight would be appreciated…I have reported it to my insurance just waiting for call back but I just want a quick fix temporarily till I can come up with deductible if I am found at fault. Thank you.Joe

Sorry, we can’t guess what damage you have. You didn’t even tell us what kind or year car you own. How could we know what was damaged?

My advice is to park it until a shop can look at it. There is more damage than you think and you will put yourself and everyone around you in danger if you drive it.


Sure t could be made driveable, depending o the year of the car the insurance company might total it, and provide you with a rental to use in the meantime.

Back in 2008, I was a passenger in my friend’s 2003 Accord sedan when it was T-boned on the driver’s side, and the side airbags deployed. He was only a bit sore, and I had no injuries.

To the naked eye, the body damage looked–at most–minor to moderate, but his insurance company “totaled” his car after they looked at it.


Is it possible to pull whatever is scraping, yes, but I would not recommend it. What condition are the brake lines, have they been damaged? Will the frame give out when stressed on a turn or pothole? Too many unknowns, all of them with bad results. Very frustrating to be with out wheels but safety should not be compromised.

BTW you did not say it but you seem to be OK, hope that is the case.