Synthetic Vs Longlife Synthetic?

1999 Acura Integra Auto about 100k
I have used Mobil 5W30 Full synthetic so far. At 100k, should I switch to high mileage synthetic?

I also have a 1987 Integra with 150k - I did use Valvoline high mileage oil at 110k after reading about it in a magazine - it stopped the oil seepage.

But the 1999 does not have any oil seepage and it is bigger engine (1.8 vs 1.6).

Also, any difference in Mobil high mileage vs Valvoline high mileage?


5W-30 oil isn’t a synthetic oil. The bottle has to say 0W-20 for it to be a synthetic oil.

You’re just using regular oil. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’



There are some 5w30 full synthetic oils out there

Here’s one

I think you can buy 100% synthetic oil labeled 5W-30…SOMEBODY must make that viscosity in a full synthetic oil…


A 99 Acura requires that oil?

I don’t think so.


All 0W-20 oil is full synthetic but not all full synthetic is 0W-20. Full synthetic has been available for years in many weights for cars, heavy trucks, motorcycles etc. in any weight they require.
Many users have used them long before anything REQUIRED them.

As for the OP question. I am assuming you are using the correct weight for the car. From my understanding, the high mileage oils just have extra additives to reduce leaks and improve sealing-as you saw the benefit in your other car. Now if the '99 Acura does not have any problems, I would save my money and use the “regular” mileage oil. I am not even sure if the car does not call for synthetic, I will pay that kind of $$ for a '99 car. Unless, you are making it up in less frequent oil changes.

Yes. I use 5w-40 weight Mobile 1 in my tractor during the winter months. Call me crazy but it does turn over more easily then 5w-30 Kubota Brand non synthetic oil. So, even though both have the same lower end, I still find it flows more easily…Couldn’t tell you why. I may be way off base, but I feel the range of some synthetics may be greater then what they are labeled…and perhaps it’s just a labeling ploy to match owner manuals requirements so owners will feel more at ease ? Exceeding specs is not a sin !

5W-30 oil isn't a synthetic oil. The bottle has to say 0W-20 for it to be a synthetic oil.

Where did you hear that?? Not true at all.

Synthetic oil has been around 40+ years BEFORE 0w-20 was even invented. There are MANY grades of FULL SYNTHETIC oil. 5w-30, 10w-40, 15w-40, 10w-50…and of course 0w-20.