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Oil change, tips & Tricks!

1987 Integra - 154k - currently does 2.5k/yr - use Valvoline High mileage oil
1999 Integra - 85k - about 5-7.5k/yr - use Synthetic oil
Both are being used mostly in towns in San Fran bay area - some limited freeway drives
I change engine oil at a shop. Tranny fluid, I do it myself.

As such I change oil on the 87 once a yr - I noticed that soon after the oil change (87), the vibrations etc are dampened!
If this is true, it raises the question, should I change oil more frequently?

After changing the oil on 99 Integra, I feel that it is less sluggish, & more responsive - when I press the gas, it responds. It’s been convenient to change every 5k since that is also the time I have to rotate the tires.

If I were to make change in this oil change practice, what should it be? Every 4k on 99? Every 8 months on 87? Or use a different oil?

Appreciate your advice.

My advice? Don’t change your current methods.

It is by no means clear that oil changes are in any way responsible for the effects that you claim. However, if you believe the oil changes really are making a difference, then do so whenever the '87 starts to vibrate and whenever the '99 feels sluggish. In other words, don’t go by the calendar or odometer. Let the cars advise you.

Unless it’s leaking, switch back to the manufacturer recommended oil on the 87. High mileage oil isn’t necessary unless there’s already a problem.

Unless Acura recommends changing oil every 6 months or X miles, I’d continue as you have been. BTW, how often do you check the oil level? Do you have to add oil between changes in either car? I would also use whatever oil Acura recommends. If they do not tell you to use synthetic, switch back. Mineral oil will cost a lot less than synthetic. But if the cost doesn’t bother you, there is no other reason to stop using synthetic.

I didn’t have to add oil in between.oil changes.

Change the oil as you have been unless you live in San Francisco. SF hills would be more severe service than flat driving. I want to suggest twice a year or every 3,000 miles for your particular driving habits. Synthetic, maybe go farther but not lots.

This may be good advice if the rumors that I believe about synthetic oil are true.